list of bingo table games

About The List of Bingo Table Games

Bingo UK online is one of the most popular table games in the world, being played around the world by millions of people. Bingo can be found online, in casinos, in community centres, and in private residences. The simplicity of Bingo, added to the fact that anyone can win, makes Bingo the game of choice for many.

The premise of Bingo is as simple as they come, and is possibly the biggest reason as to the popularity of the game. Players, usually in large groups, will all receive a special card or pamphlet with various numbers written on it, usually going up as high as 90. An announcer will then draw numbers at random, and the players that have numbers on their cards that match the winning numbers win the round. Prizes for winning a round of Bingo can vary from game to game, but can include gifts, cash prizes, or special account credit in the case of online Bingo games.

Players looking to start Bingo for the first time will need to be aware of the rules of the game, as well as a list of Bingo table games and the various categories that can be found.

List of Bingo Table Games and Patterns

The general theme of Bingo remains the same across most instances of the game, but there are a number of different patterns that can be employed. This rings especially true for players looking for an online Bingo experience, and there is no shortage of choice when it comes to the hundreds of online Bingo games offered by casino websites. Although there are many patterns available online, only a few have become popular enough to become commonplace on most online casino.

List of Bingo Table Games: Single Line Bingo Pattern

This is Bingo where there is only one possible line that can be a match on any given playing card.

List of Bingo Table Games: Two Line Bingo Pattern

Similar to the single line Bingo pattern, this one uses two lines instead of just one.

List of Bingo Table Games: Full House Bingo Pattern

Achieving a full house in a game of Bingo is extremely difficult, as it requires the player to complete every number on the playing card.

List of Bingo Table Games: Four Corners Bingo Patterns

Another difficult pattern to complete, this one requires that only the numbers found in each corner of the card are completed in order to win.

List of Bingo Table Games: Big X Bingo Pattern

This is a popular pattern amongst Bingo players, and completing this during a Bingo session reveals a large X that covers the card. Above the chance of winning prizes, many enjoy the fun of completing patterns such as the big X, giving the game a little extra entertainment.

List of Bingo Table Games: Top, Middle, and Bottom

One of the more straightforward patterns; players need to finish the rows on the top, middle, and bottom first in order to win the game.

List of Bingo Table Games: Jackpot

Players that have started enjoying Bingo online need to be aware of the jackpots that many online websites offer. These jackpots are usually tied to Bingo patterns on top of the normal patterns, meaning players need to keep an eye out for an extra card, as it just might mean huge winnings while they keep half an eye on their casino slots games online on the side.